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ca. 1982

Welcome, this is where I get to I tell you a little about myself, and why i have a website and photographs here. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1999, with a BSc in Natural Resources. It was there, during my forays into the field, I got into a little bit of photography.

I also got introduced to the internet (that was in 1995) and learnt some HTML from student volunteers with Students Information Technology at one of their free sessions. I had this website on their server but had to move it when i graduated. This site has been on tripod.com since about 1999.

I returned home to Bhutan in 1999 and have been working for my government in our conservation efforts since then and also taking pictures wherever I go around the country. I also like to design websites in my free time.

Here are links to some sites I've made.

Center for Bhutan Studies
Website of Bhutanese Research Center with lots of acaemic papers available for download, including full text of Journal of Bhutan Studies.

Bhutan Scenic Tours
Another small tour company offering small customised tours. Based in Paro.

Bhutan Heritage Tours
Tour company offering small customised tours. Great birding trips too.

Canadian Cooperation Office-Bhutan
Field office of the Canadian development agency in Bhutan

Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conservation
first of its kind in the world. Trust fund to finance conservation activities in Bhutan. All Bhutanese individuals, communiteis and organisations are eligible to apply.

ethometho tours and treks
leading tour agencies in bhutan

UWC alumni association of Bhutan

some links of interest

An online community for users of nikon photographic equipment.

digital photo gear review and forums. keeping my eye out for digital.

The Onion Online
"America's finest news source"! Better than CNN and BBC put together. Seriously!

Armand Hammer United World College. Fostering international peace and cooperation through education. I spent 2 years at this International School in New Mexico, USA. Really intense place, lot of fun, lot of work. A lot of people have gone from IB (international baccalaureate) to IB (investment banking) from here, while others lead the Socialist movement to social work.

Here are links to websites of two people I met at AHUWC

  • Martin Laird
    The ultimate-frisbee playing, spanish-speaking, physicist turned med student down under!
  • Niraj
    The only person I know who's had a teacher come to his dorm room and pull him out of bed because he didn't show up for class. I think the link is dead but I still keep it here cos he got woken up by the English teacher.

United World Colleges Alumni Association of Bhutan.

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