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Kuzuzangpo! and Hello World!

Welcome to Thinley Namgyel's a Window to Bhutan - a personal presentation about the Kingdom of Bhutan.

  • Here's something new. A friend stated an online store selling bhutanese items and handicrafts. Check out the Bhutan Online Store.

  • I dont update this site too often now that its just full of popup ads, but I came across bhutantimes.com recently and wanted to put a link. Its a new website that has newsfeeds about Bhutan. Collects all news related to Bhutan, with some funny jokes and discussion forums. April 2005

  • Toorista.com, a travel portal just sent me an email saying this site was selected as one of the best for 2004 in the category for Bhutan. Its not like there's a lot of sites about Bhutan in Weblandia, but Toorista.com does seem selective about the sites they list on their site. April 21, 2004

  • About the ads for trips to Bhutan above this page, I did not put them there. Its Tripod, the "free" webhost I use. Not only do they put pop ups, they also put targeted ads from google based on the page contents.

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